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The term "id" was used by Une érection sest produite Groddeck inand conceptualized by Sigmund Freud the same year.

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It is like an unconscious and unorganized instinctual tank, a true chaos of unknown forces [18]" untamed passions", impossible to control. Eros, the desiring life instincts and thanatos, the accomplished one death instincts fight within the frame of the Id. These impulses are opposed but coexist, both necessary to the dynamics of life. Charles Baudouin, showed that this chakra corresponds to instinctual and in particular sexual desires.

Il présente une dépendance et se focalise uniquement sur une et même chose. Il ne tient pas aussi compte de ses besoins vitaux et est malade constamment. Ces maladies sont le plus souvent les troubles urinaires ou rénales et les maux de dos. Chakra sacré bloqué ou trop ouvert sur le plan émotionnel Les émotions sont affectées quand le chakra sacré est bloqué. Chakra sacré bloqué ou trop ouvert sur le plan spirituel Si le chakra sacré présente un déséquilibre, celui-ci a des conséquences dans plusieurs domaines à savoir le spirituel.

Laplanche and J. B Pontalis, Freud states elsewhere that the primal si le pénis ne pousse pas, que faire of the oral stage constitutes the lost paradise at the base of the whole sexual life: "the act which consists in sucking the maternal breast becomes the starting point of the entire sexual life, the ideal ever reached of any later sexual satisfaction, ideal to which imagination aspires in the moments of great need and great deprivation.

Fenichel, psychanalytical theory of neurosis, PUF, p. For Lafon, this is an illusion! Undoubtedly he was right, if one was to take these links literally.

If one considers them as evolutionary continuities, convergence of points of view, reciprocal "cross-references" taking the érection de svadhisthana of "cross-reference" according to the value it takes when we refer to "a footnote at the bottom of a page or the end of a text", we escape from serious objections which would happen if there were considered as identities.

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Segmentation in psychodynamic instances lies on segmentations of a less subtle, more basic, coarser range. One may pass from evolutive biological, embryological, anatomo-physiological level, onto neuropsychological, psychophysiological, psychodynamic, psychosociological and even - it is the bet of tantrism - onto nousologic level, or even ontology and metaphysics!

In this perspective, it is advisable not to agree with a simplist syncretism which would be satisfied with analogies. Lafon, Vocabulary of Psycho-pedagogy, PUF, Psychoanalysis and areas of the body Freud "Super-ego, Ego and Id, are the three empires, érection de svadhisthana, provinces, between which we divide the psychic apparatus" as suggested by Freud.

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And we do want to follow him on this ground. However, R. Lafon is founded to inform us that it érection de svadhisthana important to preserve for these metaphors their full trope value. Even if this implies to find out how the released links are not fortuitous and that they actually lie on a bio-psychological continuity to érection de svadhisthana specify.

Les Chakras

Chakras and occidental anatomy Sivananda and many others offered a comparison bringing together the chakras, as described by the tantric tradition, and the data obtained through anatomic research, embryology and experimental physiology. This action of bringing them together is very suggestive and convergence is sometimes dazzling.

However we must keep in mind that they are untight bonds, but in fact a fuzzy superposition of two groups with vague contours.

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The method ofapproach have been rather internal meditation, body experience on one side, very external on the érection de svadhisthana side scalpel, microscope, chemistry, etc.

This does not mean that the first traditional knowledge is less interesting than the latter.

Le Svâdhishthâna Chakra

Embryologic cephalo-caudal axis The human being is structured, from its most primitive structure, around an axis which can be called "apico-caudal" "anteroposterior", from fore to back, from head to tail or root-foliar: from roots to leaves. Distribution in height being done according to gravity and also according to light distributionthe fore-back distribution being based on the usual movement of the organism considered in the front part.

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This axis is already present in chromosomes of practically each and every specie. This very general structure is already in the ovule of a fly: the former pole is recognizable with micropyle, structure of the hull which allows the entry of the spermatozoon.

The ovule comprises a chemical distribution decreasing from the fore part to the rear regarding the ARN messenger bicoïd and from the rear to the fore regarding the ARN messenger nanos.

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  • Dans ses écrits, Saint Bernard de Clairvaux évoque une expérience mystique où il vit la vierge allaitant qui de son sein qu'elle pressait, lui envoya, sur les lêvres, trois gouttes de lait.
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Between fore and érection de svadhisthana the ratios of concentrations of these two proteins define érection de svadhisthana axis of co-ordinates: each point along the axis is characterized by a single ratio of the two proteins. It results the transcription from it of the necessary genes to specify the segmentary identity of the organism: head, thorax, abdomen, etc.

2ème Chakra du Sexe - Svadhisthana - Bienvenue dans le monde des Pierres

Nobel-ptize : Nüsslein-Volhard et al. This axis gives various subdivisions by addition of intermediate parts: for example, tripartition: head, thorax, abdomen. In fact, one observes even a subdivision very detailed in the form of what is called "metameres" or "somites", kinds of varied rings, but preserving the same plan.

It is what we can see on a very elementary level in worms. These gathered metameres, makes it possible to find the apico-caudal or tripartite structure that was mentioned earlier. This second Chakra is a center related to the sacrum, meaning "sacred bone", "because it is the only bone that the ancients used to offer in sacrifice to the érection de svadhisthana Meletius or "because it is adjacent with the ashamed parts that nature érection de svadhisthana.

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  • Pierres associées au chakra sacré Pierres associées au chakra sacré Le chakra sacré, aussi appelé Svadhisthana, est le centre de la créativité et à la fertilité.
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It is thought to manage sexual energy. That plexus deal with colon, rectum, hemorrhoids, anus, urinary bladder, urethra and sexual organs such as ovaries, uterus, menstruations, vagina, vulva, Bartholin's gland, clitoris, Cowper's gland, testicles, prostate, penis, erection, ejaculation. Ruling part of the brain Mac Lean believes that our head contains not one but three brains: a "triune" brain.

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Like the layers of an archeological site, each brain corresponds to a different stage of evolution. Each brain is connected to the other two, but each operates indivually with a distinct "personality".

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The oldest of the three brains, the "reptilian" brain, is a midbrain reticular formation that has changed little from reptiles to mammals and to humans. This "brain" comprises the brainstem and the cerebellum.

Le chakra sacré ou Svadhisthana Chakra

The brainstem rules the autonomic nervous system respiration, heart beat, sleep. It is responsible for species-specific behavior: instinctive behavior such as self-preservation and aggression. This brain reptilien already present in the snake and the crocodile, ensures an immediate response to the present It reigns on our fundamental impulses: hunger, thirst, sexuality, aggressivity, imitation.

It privileges the sense of smell and taste. A major part of this structure hypothalamus and pituitary gland deals with the autonomic nervous system and endocrinian regulations [1 ].

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It is overhung by the "paleo mammalian brain " appearing in the mammals limbic systemand by the neo-mammalien brainwhich is linked to higher chakras.